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V2 Tucker Pole Clamps

V2 Tucker Pole Clamps


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Replacement clamp for the V2 Tucker Carbon Fiber Poles.

Clamp includes the lever and hardware to attach.

Simply bolts on using 1/8" allen key, no need for glue ever!

If replacing Tucker original clamps follow this guide:
Original T1 Clamp = T2-V2 Clamp
Original T2 Clamp = T3-V2 Clamp
Original T3 Clamp = T4-V2 Clamp
Original T4 Clamp = T5-V2 Clamp
Original T5 Clamp = T6-V2 Clamp
Original T6 Clamp = T7-V2 Clamp
Original T7 Clamp = T8-V2 Clamp
Original T8 Clamp = T9-V2 Clamp
Original T9 Clamp = T10-V2 Clamp

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