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Tucker Rival - 3 Stage Cart

Tucker Rival - 3 Stage Cart


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Tucker is the #1 Brand for water-fed cleaning equipment in the world, since 1957. All Tucker products are built in North America with only the best materials, design, and quality controls in the market... and our 10-year warranty will prove that and show that we stand behind our quality!

The Tucker Rival 3 Stage Cart is constructed with the best quality components on the market; made entirely in North America, this unit has brass fittings with hose quick connects, and a stainless steel RO housing for a professional look and commercial grade quality and ruggedness. Produced by Tucker, the best Brand for window cleaning systems.

Don’t be fooled by cheap import systems or private label knockoffs. If you want quality and reliable equipment built by one of the best brands in the industry at a price that can’t be beat… then this is the system for you!

The Tucker Rival 3 Stage Cart is configured for optimum pure water cleaning, providing up to 3 stories of cleaning power under regular tap pressure with no pump required.

This system uses 3 levels of filtration for the best and most economical solution available:

  • Stage 1: is the Carbon Filter which removes the Chlorine and other chemicals
  • Stage 2: which is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) which removes 90% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
  • Stage 3: the final stage, Deionization (DI) Filter which polishes the water and brings the TDS level down to or close to 0

This process gives you 100% pure water for cleaning and rinsing without spotting and provides that level for a much longer time before any filters are required to change.

Wrenches for opening filter housings and TDS meter for checking the water quality are included. All filters are included and must be installed when unboxing the unit.

*If you are looking for a more powerful 3-Stage unit designed with more features for the Professional Operators then you should also look at the Tucker PRO Cart options.


Replacement Filters:

Search these product codes to find the exact replacement filters for this system

  • Empty Refillable Filter (no DI resin inside): 20029
  • DI Resin Filter: 20027
  • Carbon Filter: 20026-C or 20026-CK
  • RO Filter (Standard): 20013-RO-RS
  • RO Filter (High Flow): 20013-RO

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