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Tucker® Extendable Goosenecks

Tucker® Extendable Goosenecks


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The Tucker® carbon fiber extendable goosenecks help you reach over deep window ledges.  

The water fed pole goosenecks come in 3 sizes and each size is extendable:

  • 12" carbon fiber gooseneck extends to 16"
  • 16" carbon fiber gooseneck extends to 27"
  • 23" carbon fiber gooseneck extends to 36"

Simply remove the tip from your #1 clamp on your water fed pole and insert this gooseneck in its place.

Incredibly light weight being that they are made from Carbon Fiber.

**Note: These goosenecks will only work with Tucker® V2 body clamp poles. If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering. These goosenecks will also fit other popular pole brands on the market today.

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