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The Gutter Hawg - Gutter Scoop Tool

The Gutter Hawg - Gutter Scoop Tool


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The Gutter Hawg tool is an excellent solution for homeowners and professional contractors looking to increase efficiency and safety while cleaning debris from gutters. This is a heavy-duty tool that can minimize your time spent on the ladder and maximize your ability to get the job done. Use the scoop to maneuver debris along the gutter and the hook to easily get debris by gutter hangers and within reaching distance of your bucket.

The Gutter Hawg is made in the USA

Designed to easily get debris under those pesky gutter hangers and for difficult or awkward gutter cleaning situations. It will save you time and the inconvenience of moving your ladder every few feet. You can also use it to clean behind structures on the roof such as skylights.

You can easily hang the tool on your ladder, thereby allowing you to climb safely with both hands.

*Tucker® trad pole not included.

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