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T-DI Pure Water System

T-DI Pure Water System


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Tucker is the #1 Brand for water-fed cleaning equipment in the world, since 1957. All Tucker products are built in North America with only the best materials, design, and quality controls in the market... and our 10-year warranty will prove that and show that we stand behind our quality!

The Tucker® Mobile DI System is the most versatile DI System on the market today.

Weighing in at only 20 pounds, it can easily be removed from the vehicle and carried to the job site. Or you can mount it in the vehicle by utilizing the built in mounting brackets.

These systems are a single stage filtration system meaning they are best used in areas with low TDS water or if you plan to only use spot free water on the occasional basis.

Simple set up and use.  Simply connect your tap water hose to the inlet and your pure water hose to the outlet. The easy change DI filter means no messing around with funneling DI resin in and out of the system in the middle of a job, change you filter in 20 seconds. There is also a bulk resin refill option as well.


  • Comes filled with Virgin Tucker DI Resin
  • Lightweight - Weighs only 20 lbs
  • Compact - Measures only 36" long
  • Cost effective - Economical filter replacements and/or bulk resin refilling
  • Easy to use - tap water in / spot free water out
  • No pumps necessary 
  • Easy change filters
  • Made in USA


Replacement Filters:

Search these product codes to find the exact replacement filters for this system

  • Empty Refillable Filter (no DI resin inside): 20066
  • DI Resin Filter: 20066-DI


DI Filter Capacity

@25 PPM incoming TDS = 1,880 gallons 

@50 PPM incoming TDS = 940 gallons 

@100 PPM incoming TDS = 470 gallons

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