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Orbital Squeegee

Orbital Squeegee


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The Orbital Squeegee is a classic!

The Orbital Squeegee is our strongest squeegee due to the wider, robust aluminium channel.

Easily closeout and get into deep framed edges with the Orbital Squeegee. 

The Orbital Squeegee is fixed with the ergonomic plastic WAGTAIL handle which is lightweight yet seriously robust and won't heat up in the sun. The Orbital Squeegee handle is designed with grip grids for optimal support and comfort.

The Orbital Squeegee rubber is our sought after ‘A’ grade professional Wagtail Black Rubber, which is very long-lasting with a superior double edge so once the squeegee blade edge has worn down, flip the blade over and slide back through the channel with soapy water for easy threading. 

Great for speedy precision pole work on windows and floors. For floors, we recommend grabbing yourself an Angle Arm attachment as this will give you the correct angle for squeegeeing floors as well as cleaning outside windows from inside or balcony windows.

The Orbital Squeegee handle is riveted to the aluminium channel therefore the channel and handle are not replaceable.

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