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Gutter Stick

Gutter Stick ®

Gutter Stick ®


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The Gutter Stick is the best downspout clog preventer ever created!  Say good bye to downspout clogs due to leaves and other debris.

Simply place the patent pending Gutter Stick into the downspout and get ready for smooth sailing water flowing down your downspouts.  Even with clean gutters, downspouts can get clogged and when that happens you know what comes next.  You can prevent rain gutter overflows and flooding as well as damage to your home by water not flowing down the downspout and away from the house.

You know how easy your downspout holes in your gutter can get clogged.  Save your time, money and safety by not having to embrace stormy weather to unclog your rain gutter downspouts in the event they get clogged.

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