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20026-CK Chloramine Carbon Filter

20026-CK Chloramine Carbon Filter


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RHG Catalytic Carbon blocks contain specially formulated catalytic carbon. This is a specially enhanced carbon developed through an advanced process starting as Activated Carbon. By altering the electron structure of the carbon, it enhances its catalytic capability, enabling it to cause chemical reactions without changing its structure. As a result, it promotes a wide range of chemical reactions where conventional carbons are not effective.

Catalytic Carbon provides another alternative to chemical treatment. Essentially, catalytic carbon is activated carbon with a modified carbon surface. Chloramines are used to control bacterial growth in distribution systems and to reduce the formation of trihalomethanes (THMs). Most Municipal water systems are now using chloramines to treat water (versus free chlorine).  This dramatically reduces membrane performance (and lifetime). Chloramines should be treated as a mild oxidant and is recommended to be removed or reduced prior to contact with reverse osmosis membranes. This can be achieved by the use of RHG’s specially formulated Catalytic Carbon Blocks.

Bottom line? 

These will protect your RO membrane investment much more than a standard carbon block filter.

ALSO - They last expenentially longer than standard carbon block filters.


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